Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oi God ...

This was the second day at the war zone of Kurushetra , historians put the date at some 5500 BC. The mood of the flesh eaters had moved from utter despair to hope to hopeless ness. Thousands of vultures, foxes, wolves, eagles and crows had gathered to eat some fresh flesh. God don’t let us starve said the little fox. The first day saw no battle, no killing at all. Arjun needed some more motivation but it was clear that the god himself was for war.

“God is on our side” said the lame vulture; there was hope in the voice that spread like a killer disease. “This is going to be the feast of our life time, but for Arjun, can’t this man
see, what the god wishes?” Said a wolf. “He will spoil everything if we let him decide” said a young vulture. The lame vulture said “have patience the god always hypnotizes humans, you will see very soon Arjun’s brain will stop functioning and there will be war a big bloody war”.
“Humans are paralyzed in mind and body just by thinking about god, it’s their most ingenious invention which is self defeating ha ha, ha ha” said the hyena.

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