Monday, May 31, 2010

Hole in the Hand.

Life is flowing out thru the hole between my fingers. One time a palmist told me I would never accumulate money. Them holes. All my trouser pockets also have holes. I once lost a complete purse.
God bless the wife – it takes the woman one full year to mend a torn pocket.
What of it?
What the stitch could have saved the woman would have spent on sandals. A stitch on time couldn’t have saved anything. Life’s experiences distort these damn idioms, you see.
I once traveled thru the Mirik hills, in North Bengal. What a sight. ..The tea gardens look like a huge uneven billiards table. I thought I would die and be a cloud over these hills for the rest of my life – after death that is. Just then my son puked, and I thought I would die of the stench.
If the cause is such what of the result, death must be terrible no?
So we got off the car, finished a box of tissue in cleaning and a can of freshener, went near the tea bushes took three stupid pictures. The wife plucked polythene full of tea leaves. The doctor of botany thought she would brew champagne tea out of it.
Rare time the weather made me happy.
When I was a child in a school I wrote essays on “seasons of India” and sire, we have six seasons like nowhere in the world and people die of it every alternate season. Can you tell me “If more people died of winter of 1997 or summer of a1987 or the rains of 1995? To increase the intelligence quotient of my question I can ask you to contrast the figures with death figures of North Bihar train disaster. Now that is a UPSC question.
Which is better, a bad weather or a bad train?
Before it gets out of hand, and I begin to con you into garnering sympathy I think I will surely die empty handed I mean with all those, “them holes”.
I think I will wrap my hand in polythene.
It takes the plastics 450 years to become a part of nature, so i am told.
Chimps don’t use plastics they have 2% less brain than us human.
Then the wife tells me a joke or is she serious. I had asked her “what is the guarantee we shall stay married for ever?” Said she after a full day of meditation “if you want guarantees buy a car battery why get married” . Eh….all the wives seem to know this one liner.

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