Monday, May 10, 2010

Mistaken Honesty

Duryodhan was aching all over 18, days of war fatigue had numbed his body but the mind was still ticking with flashes from the past. Hiding in a pond breathing through a lotus stalk the thought ‘what went wrong’ popped.

His management of people was alright, Bhismapitamah, Guru Drona, dear friend Karn, such humongous egos he thought. The anticipated behavior of the enemy went wrong. Who would have thought that Yudhisthir would complete his one year for anonymous living after the twelve year of exile? One just had to ask him his name and he would have been revealed. It was a fool proof plan, the idiot deserved another twelve years of exile. Obviously Dharmaraj Yudhisthir was telling lies every day of the year morning noon and night.
How could anyone defeat us except by deceit? It was the brains of Krishna, with such deceit and manipulation he does not deserve to be called a god and Yudhisthir didn’t object to any of Krishna’s manipulation shocking;
These are certainly bad times;
One can’t expect decent behavior even from the most honest.

Only the dishonest have predictable behavior, ha ha ha Duryodhan almost choked, he had forgotten he was under water hiding from the world in a pond

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