Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I know a fair number of teachers, or so I think. Some have grown in their profession and some have reached their levels of incompetence. Well it is my article hence I am allowed these vitriol am I not?....and the music that goes with this title.

I have often heard bromides like teachers are human too, and need considerable considerations like other humans? Well the question mark is not a mistake I always had this question on my mind but never had the b…s to give it voice. A little more about my grandiose network of people in education, heh heh I happen to know at least one educator who is actually hardly an educator but runs a prosperous school. I have fond memories of him for not responding to my phone call when I had a PJ ready for him, the loss was mutual he lost a good laugh and me the thought of him having a pretty sick sense of humour. One can’t trust a friend to pick the phone these days if your number is seen on the screen. Transparency can be ruinous in more ways than while dressing I might add.

While it is common to find good teachers, what is even more common is how good teachers become pretty ordinary working with monstrous school management. My little theory on education is if a good teacher cannot become a great teacher he/she will become ordinary very soon and go to seed soon enough. … and by seed I don’t mean seed of the seedling.

The part B, of my theory states that good teachers become great teachers when they work in a management system which is not egoistical to begin with. Hence everyone is open to improve upon their skills and this can happen only and I repeat only, if they work under a loose, central guide line for teaching. This is fertile enough to give birth to peer-motivated creativity the principal driver of teaching excellence … as against peer - motivated bitching, the principal driver of creative sloth.

Why do we need great teachers? Just because we are getting great students these days and dismal parents and that includes me. Are we getting good school management? With the kind of money being invested in school education in the last few years the answer is most certainly NO.

These men must understand that running a school is not like running a huge dry cleaning operation. Heh Heh Heh.

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