Sunday, August 17, 2008


Those were the days when Jimmy Hines, did the 100meters in 9.95 seconds at Mexico City 1968 October 14th. I was a child but the pride was immense even if I was an Indian in an Indian school. The pride was for being the right kind of animal on this planet. The animal that keeps improving breaks barriers keeps evolving, a teacher said.

Usian Bolt does it at 9.69 seconds at the Beijing Olympic on this date of 16th August

At Beijing 2008, look at Phelps diagnosed with ADHD, put on Ritalin as a child and now the greatest Olympian. Two hoots to the normality of humans.

We are right to be proud of being humans.

Are we?

Some prides can be grossly misplaced. I am proud of my dad who had topped the univ in his days. But I have just managed to pass. I am proud of my ancestors the archery of Arjun, of Mohan Das Gandhi well even goddess Durga where would one find deities so powerful. We are proud of our system that produces one gold medal Kudos to dear Bindra, I hear he was never part of the grand system that we have.

Our great system has leaders with grand organizing ability. Who can doubt the jamborees?

Run for peace, run for communal harmony and such like, with all those shiny smiling faces of over fed politicians and steroid stimulated film stars?

Evolution what?

Well I am not really proud any more.

I have lived a life.

What did I do to live with such people who turn back the evolution clock?

Oh god.

Are you there?

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