Sunday, May 13, 2007


Amidst this accelerating pace of thinking process how many of us will pause to think about WABI-SABI? Like so many things Asian, this can take a little time to sink. Think of the beauty in things as they are, like in a frayed shirt and the bee. Wisdom in a weathered rock which looked like, my grandmothers face. Or just come and look at an old car in my friends backyard,rusting away to become a
part of the earth.
Try handling plastic cutlery with the same respect and care as you would an antique china.
The wisdom in waiting and looking at things as they are. When we adults have it, we shall treat our children with wisdom. The Japanese or is it the Chinese - have a saying “to truly enjoy your tea you should know a little science, you should have studied poetry and literature, know the smell of air flowing thru grass and understand impermanence”.

What did  they say about champagne?

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