Tuesday, October 03, 2006


“What difference is there, between solving a Problem and Working on an opportunity” asked a dear friend and as friends go one tries to be very polite while letting them, be harsh. Love your friends and you will know what I mean.
To ye all my friends and unfriends (it is tantalizing to do a word like this) …. A problem to my mind is somewhat, a botched up opportunity a, has been opportunity not exploited well in its prime. Solving it is hugely satisfying even working on the problem feels good. But is it not quite like a cop catching or uncatching (ha ha) a robber? The best result will only bring a zero status sort of normality which prevailed before the problem existed.

I would say the real results come from choosing an opportunity and allocating all your resources to it the first time. The most important resources of course are your thought and your time. Of course all the problems can not be shrugged off - like my car, I still take it to the garage. Friends tell me it’s a mistake - but there are many instances of people falling in love with a problem. Not for nothing this thing called love, is blind. No not deaf and dumb too, being blindly in love is harrowing enough.

Leadership issues are very closely associated with “problem solving and opportunity search”. Leadership is not the work of a single person. It is a shared endeavor among the team members. The quality of leadership exists in the relationship of the leader and the team and of course the relationship between the teammates. I wonder if catalysts in chemical reactions have learnt to work this way. Call this Interactive, but this kind of leadership ensures better resource allocation to problems and opportunities.

So how is your RESOURCE ALLOCATION, send me a mail

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